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What Do
You Think?


What Do
You Think?

Dark Concrete Wall

What Do
You Think?


Dana: A Time-traveling

Mythical Hero

According to twentieth-century philosopher George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Octavia Butler heeds this warning and, in response, writes a historical–science fiction novel, Kindred. She forces the protagonist of this novel, Edana, “Dana” Franklin, a twenty-six-year-old Black woman living in Los Angeles during 1976, to engage with the slavery her ancestors endured and to remember slavery through her repeated time travel to the Antebellum South, Maryland in 1815. 

Naomi Campbell Study

By Fiona Poth '24 

By Zoë Johnson '24 

My Hero

By Katie Miller '26

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Pieced Together

By Katie Miller '26

Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 7.30.14 PM.png
Dark Concrete Wall

Eternal Echoes

Demise of Atlantis

Edifices made of marble embellish the sandy sea cliff known to be the City of Atlantis. Streams of color trail behind torsos as they snake around the marble pillars that adorn the city. The coral reef that occupies the ledge underneath it teems with life. Seashells litter the floor of their flourishing aquatic sanctuary. Tides of water wax and wane as plants sway in the brine. Silky sirenic voices infiltrate the tranquil blue depths as wind bubbles float upward. The glow of the heavens illuminates this flawless paradise.

By River Ramesh '26

In shadows and light, history weaves 

A tapestry vast in time’s tight sieves. 

Horrific depths, where darkness thrives, 

Fascinating heights, where spirit strives. 


Empires rise with might and roar, 

Only to fall and rise no more. 

Inventions spark, the mind’s grand feast, 

As wars rage on, the brutal beast. 

Plagues whisper death, a silent thief; 

Great discoveries bring great relief. 

By Vera Celik ‘28

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