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What Do
You Think?


What Do
You Think?

Recycled Paper

What Do
You Think?


A Change in History

Beginning in 1492 with Christopher Columbus’s landing in the Bahamas, Europeans brought new diseases to the Americas. During the next one hundred and fifty years, the indigenous population of the Americas is estimated to have changed from nearly 60 million to 6 million. This dramatic loss of population was caused primarily by epidemics.  The Europeans brought with them new diseases that the indigenous people did not have an immunity to or a treatment for. These diseases took many lives and destroyed cultures that had a reverence for nature. What might the United States look like today if these indigenous people had survived and thrived instead?

By Fiona Poth '24 

Painting Hope

By Hyunji Lee '24 

Avenues New York 

The Evolution of Gender Equality

By Bolaji Agbelusi '26

60's Futurism

By Ayah Orynbay '24

Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 1.38.08 PM.png

The Brooklyn Bridge

By Julia Hristov '24

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