The Podcast Platform

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The Podcast Platform was created at the start of this semester as a place for students to utilize their voices and to express their opinions in the form of audio recordings, a powerful tool many great artists and thinkers use today. This platform is open to creative and free expression. The Podcast Platform is available to all AON students. They can change the world one recording at a time.

The Party

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Episode 1: School, Zodiac Signs, and New York City

In this inaugural episode of The Party, Yehuda Zilberstein and Noor Alam discuss a range of topics starting with the ups and downs of school and ending with the heavily debated movement known as cancel culture. How does the conversation get so off topic? Listen in to find out. 

Episode 1: Part 1The Party
00:00 / 20:33
Episode 1: Part 2The Party
00:00 / 25:40
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Episode 2: Politics, Crackers, and Jellyfish

In the second episode of The Party, Noor Alam and Yehuda discuss a range of topics starting with getting stung by jellyfish at an early age to why crackers are so much worse than chips. Per usual, the discussion gets completely out of hand. Listen in to find out how.

Episode 2 The Party
00:00 / 24:54