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The Cure

It is 1928, Dr. Alexander Fleming, a Scottish bacteriologist, is at St. Mary’s Hospital in London bends over a small petri dish, the contents of it yet to be discovered. He seems uninterested, bored even. Sighing, he picks up the petri dish and walks over to the trash bin to throw it out. Suddenly, he trips on a bit of exposed wire, and a spark falls on Dr. Fleming’s coat. Dr. Fleming dies in the lab fire.

What was in the petri dish and who will finish his research?

By Coralie Ahrenskeaff '24

Our Haunted Oceans

By Samantha Oyo '25

Art is a Catalyst for Change.jpg

Art is a Catalyst for Change

By ReneeCai '24

Heading 1

Heading 1

Avenues New York 

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