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Heading 1

The Metropolis Dancer

By Zoë Johnson '24

Eternal Echoes

By Vera Celik ‘28



In shadows and light, history weaves 

A tapestry vast in time’s tight sieves. 

Horrific depths, where darkness thrives, 

Fascinating heights, where spirit strives. 


Empires rise with might and roar, 

Only to fall and rise no more. 

Inventions spark, the mind’s grand feast, 

As wars rage on, the brutal beast. 


Plagues whisper death, a silent thief; 

Great discoveries bring great relief. 

Heroes emerge from the mists of fear; 

Cowards too, when treachery’s near. 


Art blooms from pain and ecstasy, 

Reflecting life’s deep tapestry, 

Each thread a story, grim or grand, 

Woven by Fate’s indifferent hand. 


In every age, the same refrains, 

A cycle of loss, a dance of gains. 

The world spins on, a ball of tales, 

Questions asked, not many answered. 

Just another book on the shelf? 

Or shall history repeat itself? 

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