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Humans vs. Nature: A Short Story

By Yaseen Alam

Our nature dates back hundreds of millions of years. We have discovered every last bit of our planet and seen things no singular entity could explain. Animals and plants formed a strong bond over the years. Animal life had been thriving, the food chain was created, and nature spread its roots among the masses. Everything was tranquil and at peace until one species came along to end the era of everlasting peace and begin the period of eternal war.

Humans—or, I should say, their primate ancestors—were like us. They roamed the Earth, were in the food chain, and had lived in agreement with nature. Human evolution came for the worst, and they no longer wanted to be a part of us. Humans evolved to become an intelligent species capable of many things, both good and bad.

We had never dealt with an animal cutting us off, so we tried convincing them to come back. Humans declined our offer and became what they are today. Humans have expanded their land, taking up almost every landmass, each polluted with buildings, cars, technology, and humans. Their population has steadily increased, reaching up to 10 billion. Over this time, humans have become comfortable destroying nature, making animals extinct, and polluting their own world to kill us and them, and destroy the world in which we live. Now, it is time for a change!

It is time we come out of hiding, watching this species who once cared for us and provided for us backstab us to take over. We are going to war. Most humans are disconnected from the outside world, so they think there is nothing in the world but themselves. We will start sending out the message and preparing our approach. Most humans are obese and stuck in something called virtual reality, allowing them to disconnect from this world. Many human colonies live in domes protected by polluting air. Our time has come. We will avenge all friends who died, all families who went extinct, and the world we let go of. Our time has come to take back what was ours.

Animals and plants worldwide started attacking the domes in which humans isolate themselves. Many crowns began to fall, and we rushed in to destroy buildings, cars, and everything they had built. Many of the domes across the world had fallen, and we were able to get in and destroy as much as possible. But humans would not sit around and watch their civilization go down. Humans quickly reinforced their armies to attack us. They brought out their tanks, their aircraft, ships, and guns. The war had been going on for days. The only thing in view was broken buildings everywhere, thick black smoke, and the sight of humans, plants, and animals all dying.

This was the only way to make things right. Humans had used us for materials to get them started. We provided resources, but soon after, they started taking our land. They started killing us, destroying our homes, and forcing us back, threatening to end us. Back then, it was a one-sided war. Humans got what they wanted, and we had to accept it. Over time, humans pushed us to the brink of extinction and forgot about us. Now, we do not care what happens. We are no longer scared of humans. We will end them and take back what is ours. At the end of this war, humans lost because they were not expecting any war because of the Utopia in which they lived. We told humans our plan to take back and bring back the time when the grass was green, the blue sky was visible, and different species of animals could live in their natural habitat. It was the end of an era where humans ruled and the beginning of a new era, one in which we take back and lead once more. Humans will contribute to restoring our Earth. I hope we can come to an agreement and live out our remaining time on this Earth together in peace and harmony.


Abigail Bayard 

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