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What Are
We Reading?


What Are 
You Reading?

Dark Concrete Wall

What Are
You Reading?

If Only They Knew

I didn’t mean to overhear the mayor's conversation last week; but ever since I did, I couldn’t get it out of my head. The dark secret followed me everywhere I went. As I looked around the crowded streets of New York, I didn't understand how I could be the only one who knew the truth. Everyone thinks we live in some utopian world, but that could not be farther from the truth. Ten years ago, a new form of government arose, an AI government. The AI program that was installed had all the solutions to solve the problems that had been going on for the past fifty years. Wars stopped, healthcare became accessible for all, poverty was a distant problem, and people were happy. The world was finally stable and at peace, which was all the people wanted. I know that it is all a lie. The world isn’t at peace, not in the slightest. 

By Sophia Charania '27

Belief Systems

“Narrow minds devoid of imagination. Intolerance, theories cut off from reality, empty terminology, usurped ideals, inflexible systems. Those are the things that really frighten me” (181), writes Haruki Murakami in Kafka on the Shore. Although the story of Kafka on the Shore is captivating, I will leave you to read it on your own. 

By Corlalie Ahrenskaeff '24

America the Beautiful Poem

Our fathers imagined 

And wrote in black ink

On white parchment

More than two hundred years ago,

“All men are created equal”

And have “unalienable rights”

And should be free to 

Pursue a life of “liberty”

and “happiness.”

By Fiona Poth '24

Dark Concrete Wall


IThe word society conjures up an image of any group of people connected by common threads of geography, social demographics, politics, sports, or even wealth in today’s modern world. Societies evolved from groups of hunting or fishing gatherers 250,000 years ago to the first organized civilization in Mesopotamia in 4000 B.C., a culture connected by law, astronomy, mathematics, literature, or agriculture, and the soldiers. These societies continued to evolve in Egypt, India, China, Peru, and Mesoamerica over thousands of years. Today, the societies we live in are hives of innovation, wealth, power, progress, education, politics, religion, and much more. 

By Rhea Prakash '30

Rafael Trujillo 

Rafael Trujillo, a name connected with tyranny, once said, “He who does not know how to deceive does not know how to rule.” True to his word, he ruled the Dominican Republic through fear, lies, and violence. The question is: how did such a terrible man acquire so much power? 

By Sophia Charania '27

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