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What Are
We Reading?


What Are 
You Reading?

Recycled Paper

What Are
You Reading?

Extents and Possibilities of Human Enhancement

We humans have continued to evolve in our comprehension of science and medicine to the extent that we now have a profound understanding of our genomic composition. As we continue to broaden our knowledge in this area, it seems inevitable that we will apply this information to the betterment of our species, but how far can we go?

By Paige Farber '23

The Galaxy Between Us

II’ve almost memorized the scene outside—inky blackness, partly lit up by stars. We’re so far from the sun that the only things we’ve seen out there are shapes in the dark. Apparently Ithea has a sun, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I've been stuck in this room for a little over a week, since we boarded. I can’t bring myself to leave this room and be reminded that this whole thing is real. 

By Daisy Baker '25


IBreathing is so hard. Each time my worn-out shoe hits the ground, my lungs try to collapse in on themselves. I’m not yet sure if it's because I’m terrified for my life or so beyond happy to see my sister, Ella. Either way, I'm struggling to gain enough oxygen to keep running down this eerie hall, and I don’t have time to worry about something as mundane as breathing. I drag Ella left and right trying to find a way to escape the endless rooms that seem to appear. ..

By Caroline Mawhinney '24

Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 10.18.54 PM.png

Bullfrog Tales 

IDid you know that one of California’s top ten invasive species lives right outside your door? In fact, you can hear its distinctive call in the early evening. It sounds a bit like a humming cow, which may be why it has the word “bull” in its name.  It is the American Bullfrog or Lithobates catesbeianus. 

By Callum Wyeth '28

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