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How Can You Connect?

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Hi, Science

Hi, Science aims to promote STEM education and literacy in a fun, engaging, and accessible way by bridging the gap between STEM and the humanities. Based in Avenues New York and led by Reneei Cai '24, the Hi, Science team has now grown to  more than fifty students across three campuses, and is officially Avenues' first tri-campus magazine. 


We are looking for more student leaders and contributors from AON! Join us in writing fun and interesting articles, financing a massive publication, designing magazine layouts and publicizing and marketing this publication! Interact with students from other Avenues campuses, nonprofit STEM organizations, and even other international schools from around the world! Develop strong leadership, organizational, and outreach skills. Everyone is welcome to join us! 


Please reach out to if you are interested or have any questions!

Myosotis Project 

We are Luise Bornmueller ('22) and Fiona Poth ('24). We are The Myosotis Project. The Myosotis Project aims to combat human trafficking by raising awareness and understanding the complex issue of human trafficking, a very serious and overlooked problem which plagues our society today.  The name The Myosotis Project comes from the flower "Forget Me Not", whose botanical name is Myosotis. The flower symbolizes remembrance of true love. All these attributes are attributes of humanity and the good within us. Human trafficking victims deserve to be remembered, not forgotten, and we have the responsibility to remember those who did not get justice and hope and fight for a better future for everyone. If you want to become involved with our organization in any capacity, such as work for our social media or write an article, please visit our website, .  Please also reach out  to us personally. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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