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The Unspoken Side Effect of COVID-19

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the planet and human civilization have been nothing short of astonishing. Various global changes have occurred or have been exacerbated by the ways in which each nation dealt with the pandemic.

By Sohum Tripathi 

Humans vs. Nature: A Short Story

By Yaseen Alam


100 Seconds to Midnight:
The Billion Dollar Escape to Mars

Paige Artwork.jpeg

As the earth burns, billionaires are funneling billions of dollars into private spaceflight and are spending at least $50,000 to travel outside our planet. Are they simply selfish, or the smartest guys in the room?

By Paige Farber 

Time to Change Your Calendar to Anthropocene
Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 2.27.36 AM.png

By Sohum Tripathi

The Future of Progress: A Concern for the Present

Consequences of climate change have been framed as eventualities, giving those in power a comfort zone of inaction. Our generation does not have this privilege.

By Lucienne Bacon and Lucas Kopinski

Crumpled Paper_edited.jpg

Does Human Progress Mean
Earth's Destruction?

Paige Farber 

On Tattoos, Costa Rica, and Saving the World
A Conversation with Dr. Hollenbeck 

What Happened at the Creative Coffee House?
Heading 6

By Yehuda

By Noor Alam


Prepare to unfold the art of writing and showcase your
style with the world. Share your individual creativity with
us and have a chance at winning some grand prizes. 


As Co-Editors of The Network, we are excited to share with you our summer issue.

Each issue we create focuses on a theme developed from current events. We want to inform our readers about relevant events, provoke them to think, and move them to act. In February 2022, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a body of the United Nations
responsible for studying human-induced climate change, released its Sixth Assessment Report. It states that the climate change solutions in most countries are not effective and are not being implemented fast enough to make a difference. These alarming facts moved us to ask the question “Does Human Progress Mean Earth’s Destruction?”


Is Climate Anxiety Affecting My Schoolwork?

Climate Anxiety runs rampant
through the classes of AON as
students share their stories.

By Emma Brashear

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